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Image of 'Toowoomba created the lamington' tea towel

'Toowoomba created the lamington' tea towel

There are various stories about how the lamington was created. However, we like to think that it was devised by Armand Galland, the French chef to Lord Lamington, Governor of Queensland (1896-1901). Galland had a Tahitian wife - hence his use of coconut - and is said to have first served the delicious cakes at the governor's country residence in Toowoomba. What Lord Lamington lovingly referred to as "those bloody, puffy, woolly biscuits", we now know as the lamington!

Designed and handcrafted in the volcanic region of South East Queensland, Australia.

100% Linen.
Approximately 50cm x 70cm.
Available colours - white ink on black linen and gold ink on black linen.

Our tea towels are easy to care for. Use a cold machine wash and do not bleach. Line dry and iron or simply fold un-ironed for a natural look.

Free shipping in Australia.

Image of 'Toowoomba created the lamington' tea towel